Cash Car: Cash-for-cars specialists

Why sell to Cash Car?

Sell your car for cash now.

One quick phone call and the cash car will be on its way to your home or office.

No need to smog check your car or do any more expensive repairs.

We’ll buy your car as-is for cash, whether your car is running or broken down; whether the paint is perfect or the car’s been in an accident. We pay cash for all types and conditions of cars.

No need to put a sign in your window and wait for phone calls.

Call now and we’ll give you a quote over the phone, and we can give you cash for your car today.

Due to new car donation laws, the benefits are not as great as they once were.

New legislation put into effect at the beginning of 2005 doesn’t allow you to take a tax break on the Blue Book value of the vehicle. You can only take a tax break on the amount the car actually sells for, which is usually close to what we pay for it. Therefore, you’ll save on taxes one-third to one-fourth what we will pay you in cash. For more information, visit these web sites:;

Maintain peace of mind knowing that everything is done properly.

Cash Car is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We bring the necessary paperwork to you so the car can be taken out of your name and out of your mind. Cash Car has been professionally serving Southern California since 1980. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, you can be certain everything will be taken care of.

Still owe money on your car?

We can pay off your loan and pay you in cash for the remainder of the quote.

Lost the title?

The buyers carry the necessary paperwork to replace a missing title.

Never switched the title into your name after the loan was paid off?

The buyers carry the necessary paperwork to handle that, too.

We serve all of Southern California.

Call now and you could get cash for your car as early as today!